About Us

NINGBO HST ELEVATOR COMPONENTS CO.,LTD. was founded in April 2005,started with manufacturing 'ELEVATOR DOOR SYSTEM' for the elevator sector and immediately succeeded to attach of market due to its determinatin and respect to quality of Mitsubishi type.
Our products are of superior quality with CE certificate & CSA ceritificate & CCC. etc. and we could also offer to our customers with more than 12 month of wattanty time. we have enough confidence in our products in the quality.
 There is more than 13 engineer on elevator domain with long experience including the machinical and electrical,they had also hold many patent of elevator door system.for the near future.we will desigh more elevator door system with high quality and inexpensive
 Nowadays,the HST ELEVATOR had export more than 15 countries in the world,bu this is not enough for us,we are still improve us day by day and trying to do the better on every domain of elevator.we won't be the NO.1 but we will narrow the distance with the NO.1.
 The after-sales dept of HST offer the 24 hours service for our customers,for the maintenance parts with urgent,we will use the DHL and FEDEX send to you through door to door.
 Based the team of HST, thanks so much for all friends.


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